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Write for us feature of Americans Magazine facilitates the business owners and creative individuals with the exposure for growth. Reach professional, diverse, and multinational audiences via following ‘Write for us’ blogging tips.

What is guest posting?

To submit your article on someone else’s blog is guest posting. Businesses appreciate this feature for growth in audience and sales. Americans’ Magazine has Write for Us USA which also accepts articles from beyond the American niche.

Moreover, the content creator who writes such sort of article is called a guest author.

OptinMonster’s stats show that 62.96 percent of the readers around the globe vote credibility towards blogs with various authors. A guest post enhances the number of writers and hence, the worth of a blog site is upgraded.

What are the benefits of guest posting on Americans’ Magazine?

  • The quick exposure to the targeted audience is one of the greatest blogging tips the Write for Us feature offers. Most probably that audience is new and enlarged.
  • Making your niche visible is another perk of a guest post. This spreads awareness to the targeted audience. For instance, you opting to create an online art gallery or wondering a startup. This gives the initial push for a new or highly unique domain.
  • Promoting an already established business is also a regime of a guest post. By using the right keywords and quality content, you can expand your business. With more audience, the word spreads quickly, leading to conversions. Such as, creating a sports guest post and submitting it to promote your business of sports apparel. It is quite a tactical kind of indirect marketing.
  • It also connects to your social media content. Consider creating a sports guest post on an infographic you just shared on Facebook. This ultimately entices the viewers and the shares on social media can increase. The audience also gets an insight into that infographic and hence content is marketed.
  • It is not always about the money. If you are eager to demonstrate your creative skills via content, then submit your article to a magazine. Online platforms like Americans’ Magazine let articles on a variety of themes, illustrated in the next section.
  • Increasing your professional network is otherwise not so easy. However, letting Americans’ Magazine publish your article via Write for Us USA can do plentiful advantages. You become part of a community dedicated to a particular genre. The input, either creative or informative, can benefit lots of other entities as well. When you submit your article to a magazine, you are also networking with influencers as well.
  • Other than the shares and value of the content, your social media followers can also increase. However, it also depends on the quality of your social media profile. When you participate in an authentic blog’s work, your followers comprehend your reliability and maturity. This eventually leads to retention.
  • You credit your online presence. When you submit your article for guest posting, you are diversifying your online community. Your website starts ranking and your site audience determines your reliability.
  • SEO incentives boost to the maximum, especially the backlinks. For example, business Write for Us category content can also encompass your business website address. This action in a guest article is called a backlink. The optimization perks of the targeted blog start flowing towards your website, making your content easily discoverable.

What types of articles does Americans’ Magazine accept?

Americans’ Magazine accepts variety. Including politics, culture, business, national, lifestyle, opinion, news, and sports. This feature allows negotiations on the article’s topic as well.

For instance, the business Write for us classification is worthwhile for business trends, tricks, and history. If a guest writer opts for lifestyle, submit content relevant to fitness, beauty, and travel, etc.

Our digital marketing team will have a direct conversation with the writer to offer suggestions of the content and its title.

Rules for Writing a Guest Post

  • The most significant rule is to submit unique or non-plagiarized content. Our SEO experts will ensure the originality of the content after submission. The team will reject the duplicated one.
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes. The content eventually becomes unreadable or misunderstood in case of such errors.
  • Americans’’ Magazine currently accepts only the English language.
  • Avoid the overuse of technical terms. For instance, while writing for the lawyer Write for Us category, do elaborate a little on the technical terms utilized. Keep the convenience of the reader in mind.
  • Abusive, sexist, or racist words are intolerable.
  • Keep your targeted audience in mind before creating the guest content. For example, while working on the real estate Write for Us theme, do not divert from the main ideology.
  • The word range is 1000 to 1500, nothing more or less. You can also attach media files if desired. Such as a video of the property for real estate Write for Us assignment. Besides, our digital marketing squad will review all your media files and might reject them if required.
  • Well-structured content is highly considerable. Include headings and bullet points. Study the heading structure before using it. Moreover, avoid overuse of bold, italic, and underlined text.

How to submit your article for publication?

We support multiple ways. First is the communication via the form below.

The query, how to submit your article to a newspaper, Americans’ Magazine? For the answer, just fill in the details like name, email address, contact number and attach the file. Our experts will review as soon as possible.

In case of approval, you will receive a reply within 48 working hours.

Additionally, where to submit your articles? The answer lies in our official email address. Convey the file at any time.

Even you can contact via our office phone number. Our customer service department will connect you to the digital marketing team. In this way, you will enlighten yourself with our basics. Make sure to do proper research to fluently discuss your article and its intent.

We promise the best possible cooperation with our guest authors.

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