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Are you a passionate writer with a flair for captivating storytelling? Do you have a deep love for American businesses, culture, lifestyle, entertainment, celebrities, landmarks, arts, food, festivals, events, travel, and more? And you want to share your perspectives with a vast audience? If so, then American Magazine invites you to become a part of our talented group of contributors. We welcome you to write for us and invite you to explore your creativity and express yourself.

Why Write for Us?

At American Magazine, we believe that every individual has a unique voice, and we are dedicated to providing a platform for writers from diverse backgrounds. Whether you’re an aspiring journalist, a seasoned wordsmith, or a casual blogger, we encourage you to contribute your articles and immerse our readers in your captivating narratives.

Explore Diverse Topics

Our magazine covers a wide array of topics. From historical landmarks and iconic personalities to contemporary arts, entertainment, lifestyle, business, food, festivals, events, traveling, and more, we encourage our writers to explore the richness and diversity of America.

Share Your Unique Perspectives

We value the individuality of each writer, and our platform allows you to express your thoughts and ideas freely. Whether you want to share personal experiences, offer insightful knowledge, or present thought-provoking analyses, we eagerly await your contributions.

Gain Exposure and Recognition

Writing for Americans Magazine not only offers you a chance to connect with our passionate readership but also provides an opportunity for exposure and recognition. Your articles will be featured prominently, and you’ll have the chance to build a reputation as a talented writer in the industry.

What Kind of Content Makes Us Sad?

Here are some main reasons why certain types of articles sadden us.

Receiving a Marketing Article

When we eagerly await an article that promises valuable insights or engaging content, receiving a marketing article instead can be disappointing. These articles are often promotional in nature, lacking the depth and authenticity we seek. As readers, our readers yearn for genuine connections through meaningful content rather than a sales pitch.

Encountering Plagiarized Content

Encountering plagiarized content not only makes us sad but also undermines the trust we place in the source. Plagiarism reflects a lack of integrity and originality, leaving readers disheartened. As writers and content creators, it is crucial to respect intellectual property rights and provide authentic and well-researched work.


Articles Without Value

When we invest our time in reading an article, we hope to gain valuable insights, learn something new, or find answers to our questions. However, some articles fall short of fulfilling these expectations. Thin or low-quality content can leave us feeling unsatisfied, longing for more substantial and informative pieces.

Articles Without Authentic Links or References

When content is not properly sourced, it can lead to a sense of disappointment and undermine the credibility of the information presented. Our readers seek reliable and well-supported content that Our readers seek reliable and well-supported content that is accurate and dependable. Therefore, articles without credible references can leave us feeling unsatisfied and longing for more authoritative sources to back up the claims made within the text.

As a result, we never publish such articles. To help you avoid disappointment, we have created a simple guideline that helps you stay on track and deliver a valuable piece every time.

Guidelines for Submission

To ensure a smooth and efficient collaboration, we kindly request that you adhere to the following guidelines when submitting your work:

  • Word Count: Articles should be between 800 to 1500 words, allowing for a comprehensive exploration of the topic.
  • Original Content: We value originality and require all submissions to be unique and not published elsewhere.
  • Tone and Style: Feel free to infuse your personality into your writing, but ensure a professional and engaging tone.
  • Plagiarism: All submissions are checked for plagiarism, so avoid copying and pasting and cite your sources appropriately.
  • Formatting: Use subheadings, bullet points, and images to break up the text and enhance readability.
  • Images: If you include images, please ensure they are either royalty-free or appropriately credited.

Join Our Writing Community Today!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to become a part of American Magazine’s vibrant community of writers and readers. If you’re ready to share your passion for America through compelling storytelling, write for us, and let your words leave an indelible mark on our audience.

To get started, simply send your submissions to americansmagazine1@gmail.com with the subject line “Writer Submission.” We can’t wait to read your work and welcome you to our family of talented writers.

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